Single Use Powerbank 1000mah

Single Use Powerbank 1000mah

1* Powerful 2* Convenient and Fast 3* Recyclable

Product Details

Disposable single use powerbank 1000mah

Compact, and Light: Measures only 57*52*11mm,and weighs only 37g. making it easy to put into a pocket.

Powerful: Comes fully charged with a capacity of 1000mAh, a perfect fit for emergency charging and, with a full, continuous charger discharge.

Convenient and Fast: No cords or power supply access needed and has a charger connector that is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Brings a phone which is completely drained of power to a fully functioning power level in a few minutes.

Recyclable: Can be deposited for recycling in any lithium-ion battery recycling receptacle.

emergency powerbank

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