Why Can Not Match The Capacity

- Apr 18, 2017-

Many people complain for power bank: its nominal capacity of mobile power supply can not meet the actual capacity of batteries. We all know that electricity will be loss in the process of transmission, in the process of using mobile power for charging the mobile phone, mobile power supply circuit in power, adapter power consumption at the same time, the phone itself is in power.Nominal capacity of mobile power supply are not in accordance with the actual charging capacity.

Generally,in the market, mobile power transfer efficiency is about 80%, better can reach more than 90%, and ordinary mobile phone charging conversion efficiency is about 75%, of course some phone conversion rate and even less than 70%.Turn the wastage of the wiring connector is commonly 10%, can be down by 60%, it is very good.So, nominal capacity and the actual capacity of mobile power supply there is normal.

When consumer choose and buy mobile power supply,also can estimate the mobile power supply according to the weight of the mobile power supply capacity, everybody know the heavier mobile power supply capacity must be bigger. And must find normal power bank manufacturer, there are many bad manufacturers, in pursuit of profits, will cheat on the capacity.

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