Teach You How To Better Regulate The Use Of Mobile Power?

- Jun 02, 2015-

How to regulate the use of mobile power? in this regard, following what time suggestions are given:

1, shatter-resistant and shock absorption. Mobile power is actually a fragile parts, internal components can't withstand the beating. Especially to prevent accidentally landed in the process. Don't throw, hit, drops mobile power. Rough treatment of mobile power that can destroy the power supply circuit board.

2, if the power is not used for a long time, please from time to time charge and discharge to maintain its normal performance. Best mobile power discharge and charge once every month, so you can ensure internal batteries in top condition, and extend its service life.

3, place the portable power on children is not easy to place, to avoid accidents.

4, prevention of potent chemicals. Moving the power not only to stay away from the water, and remember not to use strong chemicals, cleaners or strong detergents to clean mobile power. Appearance clear mobile power scrub stains cotton dipped a small amount of ethanol.

5, when using the mobile power, if short circuit occurs and so on, please turn off the power switch, and mobile power plant maintenance; please do not disassemble or use with damaged power.

6, please dispose of this product according to local environmental protection law and accessories.

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