Specifications The Price Quite Confusing

- Jun 02, 2015-

Recently, the Beijing newspaper reporter investigating a mobile power supply market situation in Beijing, discover mobile power supply channels, is pervasive, whether it's e-commerce site, mobile phone brand retail stores, IT consolidated stores, or a supermarket, fashion jewelry store, even the overpasses and street-side stalls are, without exception, without a license in the sale of mobile power.

In Chao Yang men Wai buynow electronics store, many salespeople exclaimed: "mobile power selling fire than a mobile phone. "With the growing popularity of smartphones, smartphones are often at least once a day on a single charge, which led to the hot mobile power, many of them businessmen said, sometimes mornings to sell dozens of mobile power.

Mobile power, also known as the "charging treasure", mobile power supply on the market in terms of appearance, texture variety, and battery capacity at the 260.05 million range varies: 3500 Ma, 4600 MAH, 5200 MAH, 8800 MAH, 7500 Ma ... ... Almost every multiple of 100 are for sale product.

In addition, some twenty or thirty dollars, up to seven hundred or eight hundred Yuan price chaos is even more confusing to consumers, even if the same brand of mobile power prices are different. If a subsection named "Yu Bo" brand 5200 mAh mobile power, suning stores sold for 278, jingkelong supermarket price of 120 Yuan, while street vendor price of 50 Yuan, Zhongguancun was quoted in the stores vary.

In addition to the specifications, the price of chaos, a lot of mobile power products was related to the quality certification, manufacturers, brands and other information were not clear, while in other products with the brand identity, and also some fake imitation. These unqualified products, just move the main source of power supply quality and safety problems.

Industry experts point out that, with the growing demand for mobile power, many businesses jumping into this area, but due to the regulation of the market vacuum and the lack of standards, resulting in a power market chaos.

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