Small Talk Battery And Battery Industry Trends

- Jun 02, 2015-

Polymer batteries and battery industry trends:

1. battery: polymer battery by the synthesis of polymers and metals, have a small size, light weight, high capacity characteristics of super thin thickness, the main advantage of the Tablet PC, and the future of consumer electronics.

Electrolyte polymer electrolyte used abroad, domestic is a soft bag of liquid electrolyte battery, called soft polymer battery package abroad.

Advantages: less likely to leak, packaging laminate soft packaging material can be used, and is conducive to the realization of thin film batteries, battery shape design freedom, energy density has improved greatly.

Disadvantages: due to use of gel-like electrolyte and lithium ion conductivity worse takes longer to charge, times the rate than less liquid electrolyte. But current technology through polymerization process improvements, high-end electrolyte additives and discharge cycle life and times of Frank improve soon, with liquid battery there is not much difference.

2. polymer battery technology development: solid-state battery, electrolyte materials and additives. Now haven't reached a solid battery level the battery performance, solid battery energy density target is: 400Wh/kg,3000 cycle life (10), magnification performance, capacity, and security greatly.

New battery materials exploration is difficult, volatile, flame's next-generation ion electrolyte electrolyte material and additives enhance the electrochemical, thermal stability, and conductivity additives makes cooling performance no influence of solids.

3. Japanese and Korean battery: Japan manufacturing industry and Japan.

1) of Japan's manufacturing industry in the following three points:

(A) the level of the most advanced products;

(B) efficient industrial production lines;

(C) outstanding frontline staff and researchers. Japan is the research and development of quality and design to implementation and decisions of people like robots, can be controlled very accurately the extent of Japan's manufacturing, with complete specifications of production will not begin until mass production scale.

2) Korea: in terms of technology and product innovations, Korea lag behind Japan six months to 1 year gap. Japan cautious Korea bold. Korea 50% than the global market, is through the battery material of China do not hesitate to take them with me. Japan hands early, but because of patent issues and quality assurance problems led Japan lag behind.

4. polymer battery production enterprises have a comparative advantage. Cylindrical battery commonly used in combination are multiple batteries, consistency, efficiency is very important, backward technology and automation in China. Standard 18650 cylindrical batteries, abroad are automatic, 1 minute can make 150 battery.

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