Quality And Safety Problems

- Jun 02, 2015-

Fake and inferior products flooding the market, making consumer choices when purchasing mobile power difficult, and even economic as well as physical and mental loss, people paid a heavy price.

Mr Cheung had spent 100 Yuan to buy from a supermarket in a 5000 mAh portable power, he said: "started taking about can Apple iPhone 5 to charge mobile phone twice, but took only one month later, the interface has failed, after plug in the charging data cable will do nothing, but can only be thrown away. ”

A more serious case is, she is cheap, from Bridge Street vendors to spend 50 Yuan to buy a 7500 mAh charging treasure, one day a week later, mobile power pack when charging suddenly issued a "bang" sound explosion occurred, mini USB and the bags are black, Liu said he was scared.

Beijing business news reporter then, paste it in the forum found that moving the power of spontaneous combustion and explosion cases and more than accidents causing bodily harm is too numerous to list. In this regard, a senior officer said: "mobile power capacity is too large, quality batteries if you do not pass, lower heat dissipation, then carry it amounts to carrying a bomb. ”

In this regard, the experts warned that mobile phone users as possible when buying mobile power not freeloaders, not buy bulk products, typically of around 5000 mAh capacity can meet the normal use. And most important of all, it must be purchased from the formal channels, check the product information such as brand identity.

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