Price Is Not The Only We Need Concern

- Oct 10, 2018-

Lower Powerbank price means cheaper battery cells and limited safety

The two most important factors in a external USB PowerBank is the Battery cells and the Safety circuit. However, those are also the two most expensive parts. If you have bought a fairly cheap PowerBank from a fairly unknown brand, you can be pretty sure they also use fairly cheap and unknown battery cells, and perhaps also saving on the electronics. In this case, you are probably already doomed, as cheap/poor battery cells just degrade quite fast and will not last long.

If you bought a high quality USB Power Bank from reputable makers such as Chill Innovation, you can also expect they care more on using good battery cell quality, safety features and performance. Obviously, this makes the products a bit more expensive, but it will give you the desired base for good performance and longer lifetime.

However, as with all other battery related products, there are some important guidelines in order to extend lifetime and performance. These are crucial, no matter the quality, as battery cells are made of active chemicals/gasses with limited lifetime. If not treated correctly, the Li-Ion / Li-Polymer cells will gradually degrade/collapse much faster.

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