Polysilicon Rose Temporarily Blocked Downstream Demand Weakness

- Jun 02, 2015-

Exports of machinery and electronic products import and export Chamber of Commerce released on EU products price of photovoltaic cells is committed to implementing measures against EU export quota distribution has begun, specific manufacturer's exports has yet to be finalized. Because of how quotas will be allocated to the production and operation of enterprises will have a greater impact, therefore, we believe that the specific manufacturers export quotas to be finalized also needs to go through a long period of negotiation. While EU customers in the second quarter, snapping, channel inventory levels leading to lower orders from the EU in the third quarter, the enterprise quota before it finally clear, exports to the EU may be temporarily interrupted, but from the last quarter will gradually return to normal, and Japan, China and other emerging market demand growth could offset the decline in shipments to the EU.

This week a number of PV 2013.5 issued the annual report of listed companies, longi shares, xindaxin, the company's first-half results significantly exceeded expectations. Steady rise so far this year the price of photovoltaic products, integration of the photovoltaic industry to yield results, some backward production capacity, or shutdown, or exit the market competition, industry chain's profitability of listed companies from the enhanced gross margin and net profit margin increased. Subject to order of conduction of the industry chain, auxiliary company's profitability improved later, but leading trend reversal of the company's performance has gradually appeared. Because of overcapacity still exists, currently based chain companies, there is no expansion plan, device companies the Snapback will take longer time.

Continue to recommend the most to benefit from PV demand growth "sunshine power", single-chip champions "longi shares", benefit from the distributed market larger, "sunrise in the East."


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