Mobile Power Supply Industry Specification

- Jun 02, 2015-

China chemistry and physics have been presented to the Ministry of power industry association to develop applications for mobile power standards, enterprises will be organized next start standards work, including desay battery, thrive and so on. Insiders pointed out that current mobile power industry was mixed, with the formulation and implementation of standards and specification for industry development is expected to be in favour of the enterprises.

Standards will be developed

Chemistry and physics of power industry Association Secretary-General Liu Yanlong, China revealed that Association have been presented to the Ministry to develop applications for mobile power standards, currently under implementation process, the next step will begin organizational backbone enterprise standards work. Liu Yanlong, standard-setting, in November this year will be discussing the organizational enterprise in Shenzhen, including companies such as desay battery, xwoda, discussion will form a system of mobile power industry standards, the fastest first half of next year.

According to Liu Yanlong introduced, mobile power brands mixed bag, before the arrival of a strong brand in the market, the industry standard has not yet been established. According to the chemistry and physics of power industry, China Association estimated that from June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013, mobile power sales amounted to 12.5 billion yuan. According to the analysis, mobile power average annual growth in the next 5 years to 30%.

According to reports, the mobile power in batteries, power management system as a core component of the integrated products, widely used in mobile electronic devices. With the popularity of mobile electronics products, especially the widespread use of smartphones, gave birth to the rapid development of mobile power industry. Mobile power demand growth for many manufacturers smell a business opportunity, battery companies have been moving the market. However, due to a lower threshold, and lack of industry standards, some poor quality products from the market, virtual product specifications, performance is not up to and even lead to security problems. With the development and implementation of mobile power standards industry development is expected to be regulated.

Enterprises are expected to consolidate

Analysts believe that the standards is expected to raise the threshold, irregular activities may be restricted for businesses, large enterprises are expected to strengthen the position of the industry.

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