Mobile Power Supply Absorbed Power Technology Innovation

- Jun 02, 2015-

As technology changes and rapid economic growth, digital products in people's lives and occupy an increasingly important position in the world of work, mobile phones, Tablet PCs, PSP and other devices is a communications and entertainment tools for everyday carry. However, because they are both using the built-in battery-powered, battery is relatively low, use over time may need to be charged, to avoid power loss light and shut down. In order to always have the power to add, is not affected by power outages shut down the troubled mobile power appeared in front of the consumer, a more convenient digital experience for consumers. In the upcoming mid-Autumn Festival and national day Golden Week holidays, travel mobile power will become the must-have items. Faced with an overwhelming variety of mobile power products, how do consumers choose?

Hot mobile power markets, surging quality problems

Smartphones in recent years by virtue of a fashion, and playability are deeply rooted, looking at street smart phones are everywhere, but the Smartphone's shortcomings and really making it a headache, that is the question of shortage of electricity, smart phones now "play" a little power will have a tight situation. In this practical problem, United now show strong Smartphone Tablet provides us with a new industry, it's mobile power business.

It is reported that the mobile power in 2012, popular, and more and more manufacturers move to attack mobile power supply market, which is growing fast but some exceptions. Just over a year and mobile power supply manufacturers was increased from 500 to 3,000, in the face of this situation, have to say that is a combination of Smartphone and tablet to ripen the portable power industry. However, the abnormal ripening could stand the test of the market, it remains to be seen.

Today's mobile power markets are booming, high profits attract many companies have set foot in this area. However, in the case of industry lack uniform standards and supervisory mechanisms, and mobile power quality of consumers often could not be confirmed, only through the media test forum or feedback channels for understanding. Mobile power and shelves of food, are all from the factory's production line, the factory job specifications and production environment directly affects the quality of the product.


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