Industry Calls For Standards

- Jun 02, 2015-

Mobile power market chaos has given rise to the worries of the industry. Chemical and physical power, including China, fuelled by the trade association, expects the mobile power industry standards is expected to be unveiled next year, which means that mobile power good and will improve the situation for a long time.

Technical experts point out that at present due to the lack of standards, mobile power production materials of very different things. Different from the prevailing smart phone using lithium-polymer batteries, portable power as a core part of the cell is divided into many, as the most common type of lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, the lithium iron phosphate battery, generally does not explode. But the constraints due to the lack of industry standards, mobile power markets almost no barriers to entry, and many businesses see mobile power supplies in consumer demand, coupled with high profit-driven, and Stampede the market, including some bad business cost savings using low quality batteries, or in the manufacturing of cutting corners, to the already chaotic power markets added more security risks.

Mobile power market turmoil made consumers deeply disturbing and even victims, urged the State issued industry standards in the industry. But as China's chemical and physical associations submitted to the Ministry of power industry to develop applications for mobile power standards, mobile power industry standards are expected to be issued in the first quarter of next year, when some will be knocked out by a large number of unqualified products, mobile power will be less chaotic.

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