How Can Consumers Buy Into The Mobile Power Products With Security?

- Jun 02, 2015-

At present, the mobile power markets and no uniform national standards and industry standards, and this product is related to personal and property safety of the consumers. In this case, how can consumers buy into the mobile power products with security? in this regard, Wan Shun technology following what time are given suggestions.

1. do not select fake power products with no brand, no vendor address. Press survey found currently on the market, fake a significant market share of mobile power, consumers should be particularly careful when buying, because these are fake power in relatively poor workmanship and safety aspects.

2. keep batteries used in product quality, such as using ATL products, brands such as Sony, BYD's batteries are quality assured.

3. do not overdoing the high capacity mobile power, because of its higher capacity, internal stability is more difficult to control. In General, 3000mAH deficiency-free move power supply to support cell phones with twice.

4. If consumers really need high capacity mobile power, then we must sacrifice some portability. Can tell from size a mobile power supply deficiency, if the product is small and the capacity shown is very large, then the deficiency problems almost certainly exist. So when consumers are choosing to stay rational, the so-called "can't have your cake and eat it too" have capacity and ultra compact size of mobile power does not exist, do not be cheated by merchants.

5. mobile power for security authentication. According to the reporter, United States UL (safety certificate) is one of the world's most authoritative security certification body, if mobile power products through the agency certification, can be purchased with confidence.

6. to understand the effectiveness of mobile power transformation rate. If the effectiveness of power transformation rate below 80%, it means that mobile power line losses, and calorific value of the cell itself is very large, there may be a security risk.

Facing the lack of specification of mobile power markets, consumers in the purchase of should be both eyes wide open, and learn more about the power of knowledge in order to improve the ability of power security guard.

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