2018 Wireless Charging Global Survey

- Nov 19, 2018-

What's new in the 2018 wireless charging global survey?

1. Wireless charging is a must-have for smartphones: The number of consumers who often use wireless charging technology has tripled since the last WPC survey. Nearly 40% of respondents claimed to use this technology. Although most users now only have one wireless charger and they have purchased it in the past two years, more and more respondents claim that they have just recently purchased a wireless charger.

2. Consumers want more Qi charging places outside their homes: The longest place for consumers to stay is the popular charging location. The survey shows that 66% of consumers use wireless charging technology at home. Cars and offices are also the main charging locations. However, consumers strongly hope to set up wireless charging points in other locations, including hotels, motels, and other public accommodation, as well as travel and retail locations such as airports, cafes, and restaurants.

3. Wireless Charging Helps to Relieve “Battery Anxiety Disorders”: Improvements in battery and charging methods (including wireless charging) have reduced the frequency of consumer battery anxiety, and 28% of consumers now say they “never” feel battery anxiety Symptoms (25% in 2016). People who don’t use wireless charging technology say that they want to buy wireless chargers because they don’t need to worry about battery power, and they don’t need to carry a battery charger.

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