IPhone 12 Battery Case

IPhone 12 Battery Case

* Newest models for iPhone 12 series * Slim & light * Convenient use

Product Details

Newest iPhone 12 battery case charger

Have design for iPhone 12,12 Pro,12 Max,12 Pro Max


Input Current: 5V 1000mAh 

Output Current: 5V 1000mAh 

Operating Temperature: ­20℃±50℃ 

Color: Black 

Compatible model: iPhone 12,12 Pro,12 Max,12 Pro Max

How to install the phone? 

Remove the top cover of the battery case carefully, then put the iPhone into the case completely, put the top cover back.

How to disassembly the phone? 

Press on the iPhone screen with your thumbs, and then gently push the iPhone and the top cover upward. 

PS: Please be gentle when you pushing, in case the iPhone drops on the floor.

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