Super 2000 mAh battery problems

- Jun 02, 2015-

Usually well-known mobile phones are all less than 1000 mAh battery capacity, and long standby mobile phone battery hundreds of thousands of milliamperes. Not hard to find, most claiming that super long standby mobile phone, both domestic or cottage, and battery capacity to work hard. Is not a simple progress will have hit the phone's standby battery capacity? We do not question.

Zhou explained, the current capacity of less than 2000 mAh battery type, large-scale production techniques and skills have been very good, quality and safety are assured; but more than 2000 mAh, skills and abilities are not very sophisticated, there is a big security risk. Now mobile phone standby time are usually in less than a week and, of course, also claims to be able to reach more than a month, but this is rare.

Tips from our week together, blindly advance battery capacity can create security risks, once the attack a short circuit, battery is a ticking time bomb. "Battery-high capacity, cathode material, overheated batteries (battery may heat) tend to cause rapid evaporation of electrolyte when the internal pressure when suddenly increases rapidly beyond the affordability of the housing, it will attack exploded. ”


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