So much new battery technology zinc air battery turned

- Jun 02, 2015-

Rapid development of mobile devices is becoming increasingly clear to contrasting battery technology stalled. In fact, of the industry have been trying to put into the development of new high performance battery technology, but is limited by various factors, are not universal, and many have remained on paper.

Now, Stanford University and developed an advanced zinc air batteries (Zinc-Air/, also known as zinc oxide batteries), Platinum, Iridium battery compared to those not only with high catalytic activity and reliability, cost is also much cheaper, which is undoubtedly the key to the popularity of new technologies.

, Who headed the study, Stanford University chemistry professor Hongjie Dai says: "portable electronic devices, electric vehicles and energy storage applications for high-performance, inexpensive and safe batteries have become increasingly demanding. Metal-air batteries offers a programme promising low prices. There is enough oxygen in the atmosphere, theory of metal-air battery energy density than conventional electrolyte batteries, lithium-ion batteries are much higher. In this one, zinc-air battery is technically and financially and the most reliable choice. ”

Ordinary zinc-air battery and zinc metal in oxygen in alkaline electrolytes, with zinc oxide reaction produces electricity, but after recharging, oxygen and zinc can be recycled, and repeat loop.

This battery technology is not new, there has been, and is used in some small ranging from hearing aids to electric vehicles, but ordinary zinc-air battery is not charging, rechargeable is a large fuel cell. Manufacturing rechargeable zinc-air battery, the biggest obstacle is the lack of sufficiently high activity catalyst of air and efficiency of zinc electrode life limited.

Hongjie Dai led his team using an ordinary metal electrode or nanocrystals, blending carbon nanotubes, has developed a series of high-performance catalysts, catalytic activity in the alkaline electrolyte, reliability is much better than the other precious metals.

During weeks of discharge and charge cycle, this battery has also demonstrated reversible, with excellent reliability.


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