IPhone battery maintenance method and power-saving tips

- Jun 02, 2015-

Networks have spread such a joke and said iPhone man is a good man, because of his daily home recharge. Does cell phone battery life to make many brothers headaches, small series on the network, collect some about the Apple iPhone power tips to make iPhone stay with you longer.

1 Lithium polymer battery, iPhone application, there is no memory effect, so no additional charge and discharge completely (that is, you always want to charge fully).

2, lithium battery charge/discharge cycles at a time, power will cut a little, will cut into the 80% after about 400 charge/discharge cycles. Filled with a charge/discharge cycle is complete and the so-called light, that is to say, if you used 20% full, repeat 5 times only a charge/discharge cycle.

3, because batteries have chips accounting for power, in order to calibrate, about once a month good replay (that is completely filled with used batteries).

4, just use Apple's official power, full will become a direct application of the power supply, there is no doubt-filled.

5, lithium battery charge 80% used swiftly before the charging process is completed in 2 hours and 20% selection of one John Milton to make up for electricity and after 2 hours. This is normal, and not doing.

So to conclude, iPhone battery protection is very simple, in addition to the introduction of energy-saving considerations, you only need to calibrate once a month by maximizing the power lines (such as in the Office), you have no other considerations. Nothing to prevent overcharge, often filled with (perhaps often not full) probably is misunderstanding.

1, 3G is the most power-hungry, so iPhone 3GS could take more than 1 day are due to hardly using the 3G function, using the 3G function of the power consumption is twice times play games and WiFi Internet, telephone 3 times.

2 push closed, without the need to make full and punctual view network functions of the software.

3, closed 3G\Wifi\ Bluetooth function when not in need of one or more.

4, the network looking for very low power consumption, so if 3G closed 3G function in unstable areas, phone signal unstable region to adjust to fly form.

5, GPS is very hungry, do not borrow to launch GPS function of the software.

6, listening to the song, at the equalizer adds power, if you don't need to be able to shut down.

Remedy: the lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to heat, and try not to make it beyond the 35-degree conditions. Particularly not in this case charging, otherwise it will soon cut the battery. So in the car may be left in the car to prevent the summer sun shone. If using hot iPhone has now begun, please turn off the machine recharges when it is cold. Other advocates a thorough monthly charge and discharge control chip on the intention is to calibrate the battery, rather than the nickel-metal hydride batteries that can amplify power.


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