Extend cell phone battery life battery care's top ten tips

- Jun 02, 2015-

Mobile phone battery maintains a good way: new phone charging need to focus on

New cell phone batteries using lithium-ion batteries, and vendors has been activated the disposal, each new cell phone battery-electric, which purchased three to five times before the phone charge for a period of adjustment, focus on each charge should remain on for more than 14 hours to ensure full activation of lithium-ion activity, reaching optimum use.

Mobile phone battery maintenance option two: lithium battery without having to discharge and try to slow

Many users think that cell phones probably first before charging, the battery discharges, this is not the way, is not demand but not able to discharge lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries are not discharged today functions.

Others, arguing that when we were in charge, charging as slow as possible ways to reduce the loss of cell phone battery. Attention: whether slow or fast charge, can be extended beyond 24 hours, otherwise will occur due to the long supply endless stream and burn batteries.

Cell phone batteries maintain option three: overflows do not immediately after power outage

Mobile phone battery charging, such as phone or Charger shows are full, please do not immediately power off, due to the practice of cell phone battery charged only 90% should receive a battery on a fill time, move the battery full before using, or will shorten the application.

Cell phone battery maintains good idea four: try not power charging

If phone still open when charging, battery side outwards due to cell phone use and discharge, and to internal power supply for battery charging, are likely to make voltage imbalance resulting in cell phone circuit boards can generate heat if there is an incoming call, it will instantly return current, on the formation damage the parts inside the device.

Cell phone batteries to maintain good idea five: battery runs out and then charging

Handset battery charging times battery life resolution. Typically, lithium-ion batteries are probably charging/discharging 500 times in a row, after the battery function will be greatly weakened. Thus, that we try to be best or on its own initiative after the shutdown of mobile phone battery to recharge it.

Mobile phone battery maintains a good idea six: maintaining focus on mobile phone batteries

Want cell phone battery maintenance is in place, probably also focus on maintenance of cell phone batteries, therefore, batteries should not be exposed to high temperatures or cold, like dog location, shouldn't put the cell phone in the Sun, have suffered a day of exposure; or take in air-conditioned rooms, placed in the cool air blowing straight in the local area. When charging, current goods return, the battery is normal to have a little fever.

Cell phone batteries to maintain good idea seven: after long time did not demand activation

Cell phone battery long time did not apply, in the use of time should be to the point of specialized cell phone repair to activate the battery disposal, also can use a DC constant voltage transformer, adjust the voltage for the 5~6V, current 500~600mA reverse connected battery. Attention, touch swing, can be repeated up to three times, after the adoption of such disposal, then use the original charger, "period of adjustment" charged.

Cell phone battery maintains a good way to eight: the longer the charging time is not a good

Need to focus on when charger not charging time is longer, the better, no maintenance or non-genuine battery on the circuit off when full, or overheating due to heat or impact functionality.

Appendix: accounting theory charging time battery solution:

The output current of the battery divided by the Chargers will be able to, for example: a case study of a battery 800MAH battery, charger output current of 500MA charging time is equal to 800MAH/500MA=1.6 hour, of course, it's only theory full time accounting, appeared when the charger after charging is completed, the best pay to about half an hour or so of the battery to the electric moment. Is necessary to choose special lithium-ion battery charger, or you may fall short of saturation, affecting its function to carry forward.

Mobile phone battery maintains a good way: small details can also extend battery life

Mobile phone batteries after long time use, an oxidation of contacts will show appearances, will cause the phone's active shutdown may call active wire. Then use a cotton swab or toothpick wrapped in tissue was stained with a small amount of alcohol can be scratched. Never use hard objects to scratch, that exacerbate the poor contact. No alcohol available height liquor instead. After swabbing out to immediately dry with a paper towel, avoiding alcohol spilled open form a short circuit between the battery poles. New battery after complete charge/discharge cycle by 3-5 its internal chemical substance will be all "activate" best use.

Cell phone batteries to maintain good idea ten: the use of mobile phone manufacturers original battery

Tip all netizens, please try to use manufacturer original batteries for mobile phones and mobile phone charger, perhaps using standard products, do not walk in street corners or unreliable local purchase cell phone batteries and Chargers.

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