Briefly applied classification of batteries in daily knowledge points

- Jun 02, 2015-

Battery is ubiquitous in modern society, but the battery it has its bad side, in their lives, people use mobile phone battery is how to maintain and repair it? Battery is described below in the daily application of classification knowledge!

Battery is everywhere in our lives, basically, we see many products containing it, such as the phone's battery, alarm clocks, cars, electric cars, flashlight and so on.

Some of them are single-use batteries, disposable batteries, run out of a basic no longer used, as on a clock of some batteries but these batteries are generally cheaper, environmentally better than can be sold directly to manufacturers, that once again, the Blues could have just thrown the pollution of the environment.

Some are using bigger power consumption of battery capacity is required, only with multiple-battery is finished with a time later, you can also recharge the battery, and can continue to charge, bouncing out, secondary benefit of using batteries more conducive to environmental protection, but its production costs are higher. In the application of life, we want to see what kind of product is used, one can see what type of battery is used.

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